This proposal is built upon the experience in research in Forest Fires of the group Multiscale Geographic Analysis of Climate Change (IEGD-CCHS-CSIC) from more than 10 years. The members of the group have participated in numerous projects (national and international) related to forest fires analysis:

MINERVE (1992-1994) MINERVE-2 (1994-1996) EUFIRELAB (2002-2006)
MEGAFIRES (1996-1998) Firemap (2005-2008)
INFLAME (1998-2000) FUME (2010-2013)
CONTROL-FIRE-SAT (1998-2000) FireSmart (2010-2013)
SPREAD (2002-2004) FIRE-SCAPE (2016-2017)

The people in charge of LUC4FIRE are:

Dr. Lara Vilar, project coordinator
Dr. Pilar Martín, project supervisor

Mr. Jesús Garrido and Ms. Etel Tafur, pre-doctoral staff