The main aim of LUC4FIRE is to know the future impacts of forest fires in different land use change scenarios at local-regional scales. The results will provide an interesting tool to analyze the landscape forest fires interactions from a historical point of view. Then, the future projections will allow us to know the more sensitive areas face to fire, useful for land use planning and forest fire prevention activities.

The specific research objectives of this project can be summarized as:

  • Forest fire occurrence reconstruction as well as driving factors such as land uses and biophysical (topography, climate) for the period 1975-2015
  • Map and analyze the temporal dynamics of land use interfaces related to fire ignition factors from available land use maps for the same period
  • Elaborate statistical models for forest fire prediction at 1km resolution based on fire historical occurrence and its relation with land use interfaces and biophysical variables
  • Produce land use maps under different future scenarios in the years 2025 and 2050
  • Applied the forest fire prediction models to the future land use scenarios
  • Disseminate results to the stakeholders by means of a web tool service